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Non Veg Appetizers

  • Chettinad Chicken - Roast


    Chicken sauteed with shallots and spices

  • Chicken 65


    Boneless cubes of chicken marinated with Indian spices and deep fried

  • Chicken Lollipop


    Deep fried Chicken winglets marinated in Indian spices

  • Crab Roast (blue Crab)


    Crab marinated and cooked with ginger garlic and chettinad spices

  • Fish 65


    Selected fish cubes, marinated and seasoned deep fried

  • Fish Finger


    Boneless fish finger marinated and dusted in breadcrumbs and deep fried

  • Kaadai Roast (quail)


    Quail cooked with shallots, tomato and spices

  • Kadaai 65 (quail)


    Quail marinated and deep fried

  • Karaikudi Chicken - Dry


    Chicken cooked in a dry roasted spicy coconut mixture & special spices

  • Meen Varuval


    Fish marinated with spices and deep fried

  • Mutton Sukka Varuval (boneless)


    Tender cuts of goat marinated in crushed peppercorns fried with chopped onions and curry leaves

  • Natu Kozhi - Roast (non Halal)


    Country chicken marinated and cooked with chettinad spicy masala

  • Nethili Fry


    Smelt fish marinated, dusted in spices and deep fried

  • Pepper Chicken - Dry


    Boneless chicken marinated in crushed peppercorns, fried with onions

  • Prawn 65 (shrimp)


    Shrimp marinated and seasoned in Indian spices & deep fried

  • Prawn Varuval


    Selected shrimps fried with shallots and spices

  • Spl. Anjappar Chicken - Dry


    Boneless chicken marinated in chefs masala, and roasted to taste

  • Tandoori Pomfret


    Pomfret marinated in yogurt, with indian spices and cilantro, cooked in clay oven.

  • Thava Fish


    Fish slice marinated, dusted in rice flour and spices and top grilled